The Walking Dead

This graphic novel is an absolute beast, and weighs nothing short of a ton. It’s a bind-up of the first 48 individual novels, or the first 8 volumes of the newly bound paperback or the first 4 hardback books… confused much?! If you’re thinking of investing in this series then I highly recommend buying the compendiums. It’s a lot cheaper than buying the hardback books or the newly issued paperbacks. Unless you’re pumped up in the bicep department this book can’t be carried around, it’s heavy, big and down right awkward….

Legion by William Peter Blatty

Having not read The Exorcist, I didn’t really have any expectations when starting Legion by William Peter Blatty. Instead, I was slightly confused when the opening of this book delves into a philosophical rambling from the main protagonist, Lieutenant Kinderman. He is preoccupied with life’s big questions, which somewhat detracts from the main event of the book as the body of a young boy is discovered. This boy was carrying out his morning paper round when he was killed at a boathouse and is found in a crucified position. However,…

The Key by Sara B. Elfgren & Mats Strandberg

*Warning: Contains spoilers for previous books in the series* Having thoroughly enjoyed the first two books in the series, I was pleased to return to Engelsfors for the final book by Sara B Elfgren and Mats Strandberg, The Key. After the shocking conclusion to book two, the Chosen Ones have dwindled to four members out of seven, leaving their circle with some devastating gaps. Anna-Karin, Minoo, Linnéa and Vanessa know that the apocalypse is approaching, but they still have no idea how to close the portal in Engelsfors, or even…

A Love Like Blood by Marcus Sedgwick cover

[color-box]A Love Like Blood by Marcus Sedgwick Hodder (27 Mar 2014), Ebook: 320 pages, Crime / Thriller Website • Goodreads • Amazon UK / US Rating: [/color-box] Best known for his young adult fiction, Marcus Sedgwick’s A Love Like Blood marks his first foray into the adult market, with a novel that carefully treads the border between supernatural and crime. Opening with a flashback to his time as an officer in the Second World War, Charles Jackson witnesses a horror in Paris, descending into a bunker only to see a…


[color-box]Nightcrawlers by Tim Curran Darkfuse (4 March 2014), Ebook: 272  pages, Horror / Suspense Website • Goodreads • Amazon UK / US Rating: [/color-box] Clavitt Fields was a small town with a dark history. To prevent the horror that lived there from spreading, the neighboring town burned it to the ground. However, the evil went underground and for generations it lived, bred and mutated. Now it is coming back to the surface and it is hungry. It has been awhile since I have read a horror story that scared me. Nightcrawlers succeeded in scaring the ever-living hell out of…

The Language of Dying - Sarah Pinborough

Well this book is quite unlike any other I’ve read for Book Chick City. The genre is more literary fiction meets magical realism. The book is written in first person, however the narrator is an unnamed woman who describes the events surrounding her father’s death. This doesn’t sound like the most fun subjects to write about; but what Sarah Pinborough does so skilfully is she weaves a world that is feels so real and truthful that you can’t help but get drawn in. The narrator is a woman in her…


REVIEW: Red Hill by Jamie McGuire

Red Hill - Jamie McGuire

Red Hill is the first book I’ve read by Jamie McGuire. I’ve heard a lot of great things about her new adult romance series so this seems quite a bit of a departure from that genre. Sadly it showed. Red Hill brought nothing new to the zombie genre, and contained quite a lot of the same stuff I’ve read before. And I’ve read a lot. It also didn’t really go into any depth. Basically it’s the journey of several characters that find themselves fighting a zombie outbreak. There’s Scarlet, who’s…


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