Angel's Ink

Angel’s Ink by Jocelynn Drake (The Asylum Tales #1) Harper Voyager (Oct 2012) Paperback, 338 Pages Urban Fantasy Having really enjoyed the two short prequel novella’s; The Asylum Interviews: Bronx and The Asylum Interviews: Trixie, I couldn’t wait to delve into the first full length novel in this series, Angel’s Ink. Thankfully, my enthusiasm was rewarded as Drake has pulled out a novel with a hero that could easily rival both Jim Butcher’s, Harry Dresden, and Kevin Hearne’s, Atticus. This really was a book that took you on a really wild ride….

Blood by Moonlight

Blood by Moonlight (Anthology) by Jocelynn Drake, Terri Garey & Caris Roane Avon Impulse (Oct 2012) Ebook, 224 pages Paranormal Romance | Urban Fantasy Needing something quick and easy to read during my commutes to work, I decided to read this anthology which has been sitting on my kindle since late last year. So did this collection make the journeys more pleasurable or did they make me want to jump out of the car? OF MONSTERS AND MEN by Jocelynn Drake This was an enjoyable little romp in a series…

Bronx - The Asylum Interviews

The Asylum Interviews: Bronx/Trixie by Jocelynn Drake (The Asylum Tales #0.5/#0.6) | Harper Voyager (2012) Ebook, 100 pages | Urban Fantasy In the run up to the release of the first novel in a new series, Angel’s Ink (The Asylum Tales #1), Jocelynn Drake realeaed two ebook prequel novella’s. What follows are my reviews of each of the books. THE AYSLUM INTERVIEWS: BRONX For a 100 page novella, Drake has created a short story that is both entertaining and complex. Not once did I feel as if this was a “deleted” scene from her forthcoming full length…

Oct 09 Jocelynn Drake 194SG

How I Met the Headless Horseman I generally think the world is a scary enough without needing to embellish stories, particularly those aimed to scare. Isn’t it enough that we’ve got vampires, shapeshifters, and trolls, all of whom can shred a human in the blink of an eye? Do we really need to invent more horrors? Of course, when it comes to Halloween, I guess anything goes. It was All Hallow’s Eve a few years back and I was sitting in the Cock’s Crow, watching a rugby match on the…

Where Stories Are Made is a new feature here at Book Chick City. It’s where the author takes us on a tour of their writing place, be it an office, coffee shop or park and tells us about their writing day and rituals. My guest today is urban fantasy author Jocelynn Drake… •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Where do I write? A Fortress of Solitude? A Bat Cave? A secret (maybe they just wish it was secret) place where I can hunker down and get lost in the world of my creation? In truth,…




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