The Thing About Wolves

Today I’m pleased to welcome Leigh Evans to Book Chick City. Leigh is the author of the Mystwalker paranormal romance series. Fellow reviewer, Rebecca, has been reading and enjoying this series quite a bit (you can read her reviews here). Please give Leigh a warm welcome… For those who haven’t read the series yet, can you explain a little about the story and characters? My heroine, Hedi Peacock, is half-Fae, half-Were and all trouble. When the Alpha of Creemore kidnaps her aunt, Hedi is forced to steal an amulet from…

The Thing About Wolves

The Thing About Wolves by Leigh Evans (Mystwalker #2)  Tor UK (1 Aug 2013) Paperback, 422 pages Paranormal Romance *Warning: Contains spoilers for book one* Following on from The Trouble with Fate, The Thing About Wolves by Leigh Evans continues the adventures of Hedi Peacock and her world of weres, Fae and mates. The finale of book one saw werewolf Robson Trowbridge, Hedi’s mate, cast through the portal to Merenwyn, the world of the Fae. With the weres and the Fae being mortal enemies, no-one left on the earthly side…


The best books you should be reading right now! Each fortnight we will be recommending five of our favourite recent releases that we think you will love. Just click the book cover to be taken to our full review or its Goodreads page. We hope you find some fabulous reads and maybe a few new authors too. Happy Reading! 1. SKYLARK by Megan Spooner A fantastic dystopian coming of age story where the fight for freedom could be a fight to the death. Lark is on the run in a…

The Trouble with Fate by Leigh Evans (Mystwalker #1) Tor Books (Jan 2013) Paperback, 344 pages Paranormal Romance The Trouble with Fate by Leigh Evans twists the paranormal as we know it and reshapes it, with werewolves conflicting with fae and leaving our heroine stuck in the middle. Belonging to neither world, Hedi Peacock (once named Helen Stronghold) is half-fae, half-werewolf. She has the magic powers and softness of her fae mother whilst retaining the animalistic instincts of her were father. A barista at her local Starbucks, Hedi has a penchant for…

The Trouble with Fate

NEW SERIES ALERT Doesn’t this sound great? Very different covers for the UK and US editions. I think the UK cover has more of an urban fantasy vibe, whereas the US has the look of a paranormal romance. Either way I’m looking forward to reading this one. THE SERIES: Mystwalker     BOOK #1: The Trouble with Fate | GENRE: Urban Fantasy PUBLISHER: Tor UK / St Martin’s Press | RELEASE DATE: Jan 2013 / Dec 2012 I HAVE TWO WORDS FOR WEREWOLVES… BITE ME. My name is Hedi Peacock and I have a secret….

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