Once Upon a Christmas

Once Upon A Christmas is a deliciously cosy Christmas romance, which hits the spot perfectly if you want to sink into an easy holiday romance. Split into two parts, you get two romances for the price of one, set in the pretty Lake District. The first story follows single Mum and doctor, Bryony, whose daughter, Lizzie has written a letter to Santa asking for a Daddy for Christmas. The thing is, Bryony has been in love with best friend, and fellow doctor, Jack, who’s an all round ladies man since…


Lucy Lang’s life is not going to plan. Rocked by the death of her beloved husband Jimmy, she’s veered off the fast track to a promising career as a patissiere and fallen into the bosom of her boisterous mother and aunts- all widows themselves. Baking bread for her family’s business isn’t much of a life, but at least it fits in with Lucy’s erratic sleep schedule – a bi-product of her grief. Ethan Mirabelli was the only person Lucy could bare to be around after the accident. As Jimmy’s younger…

The Mistress UK cover

Since the cliff-hanger at the end of the previous novel, The Prince, I have been dying to see how Reisz intended to resolve what has come to be one of my favourite series in the last year. True, she doesn’t hold back, and this book is a hell of a ride, but it did not meet the dizzying heights of the previous instalments. The Mistress opens not long after the end of The Prince, with Nora kidnapped by an old acquaintance of Soren and Kingsley. This acquaintance has a score…


REVIEW: Dirty by Megan Hart


Dirty (Dan & Ellie #1) by Megan Hart Mills & Boon (Spice) (June 2009) Ebook, 432 pages | Contemporary Erotic Romance I started reading Megan Hart a couple of months ago, when I came across her erotic horror serial The Resurrected. I wondered how on earth two such different genres would work, but they really did. This was down to Hart’s great writing style which I instantly fell in love with. I’d heard a lot about her erotic romances, so thought I’d try one out. Dirty was a completely addictive read. From…

The Prince (UK Cover)

The Prince (The Original Sinners #3) by Tiffany Reisz | Mills & Boon (Sept 2012) Paperback, 410 pages Contemporary Erotic Romance Warning: contains spoilers for first two novels in series Having finished The Angel, I moved quickly on to The Prince, desperate to find out where the numerous loose plotlines would go. However, while I expected this to concentrate on the blossoming romance between Nora and Wes, I was pleasantly surprised that in fact the majority of the book was about the complex and extremely dark relationship between Soren and Kingsley, the…

The Angel

The Angel (The Original Sinners #2) by Tiffany Reisz | Mills & Boon (Sept 2012) Paperback, 410 pages Contemporary Erotic Romance Warning: contains spoilers from first book in series After the brilliant The Siren, Reisz had set the bar really high for herself in the second book in this new tantalizingly erotic series. Thankfully Reisz more than meets the challenge and again demonstrates a flair for balancing steamy sex scenes with a very compelling plot. In fact, it is the plotline in this book that really pulled me into the story….

The Siren (UK Cover)

The Siren (The Original Sinners #1) by Tiffany Reisz Mills & Boon (Jan 2012) | Paperback, 432 pages Contemporary Erotic Romance If you are a regular reader, you’ll know how much I despised Thirty Shades of Grey. So whenever I read a tag line stating that this book is better than Thirty Shades I am more than a bit cautious. To all of you I say, this book more than deserves the accolade because this book is just one of those reads that you HAVE to read on. From the first page…




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