It Ain't Me, Babe by Tillie Cole

When Amazon recommended It Ain’t Me, Babe despite the dreadful title it was the synopsis that captured my imagination. Styx, a young biker president with a terrible stutter and a young woman Mae, who has escaped from a religious cult. Not one I’d come across before. I also wondered how on earth it would work exactly. Which meant I couldn’t resist that little one click button. I’ve never read anything my Tillie Cole, she is a new to me author, but I will definitely will be in the future. I…

Mystery Man - Kristen Ashley

If you’ve read many of reviews or weekly round ups over the last few months, you will know that whilst I am quite late to the party in discovering Kristen Ashley, but it didn’t take me long to become somewhat addicted. I first discovered her books on the hunt for a biker romance, so I ended up reading Own the Wind, a spin-off from this series first, which then led to Motorcycle Man the fourth book in this series first and then went and read the rest in series order….


Tru was living in a world in which women are seen as property to be kept control of, and a commodity with which to barter. She left that life behind when it grew too much for her, but when a catastrophic chain of events called Chaos hits the world she must rely on others for help eventually. When this reliance ends up with her back with the Defiance Motorcycle Club, an entire way of life is shaken to its core. Defiance is a novel made up of a mixture of genres…


Fire Inside is book two in Ashley’s Chaos series, which are romances involving hot biker heroes. This story is about Hop and Lanie whose relationship had already been referred to in Own the Wind, and Lanie’s story originally began in Motorcycle Man. I would highly recommend you read both before picking up Fire Inside. Lanie is stylish, chic, owns her own ad agency, a beautiful home and a stunning car. But she’s damaged and has never recovered from her previous fiancé’s terrible actions that saw both her and her best…


REVIEW: Outlaw by Nicole James


Outlaw read like a piece of Sons of Anarchy (SOA) fan fiction than a novel in its own right. I have googled it to see if is, but haven’t been able to find anything to confirm, but if Ms James isn’t a big fan of the series then I will eat my hat! Let’s start with the main character Cole, described as: …blonde hair falling past his collar, golden facial hair growing along his jaw and mouth. Sound familiar? Cole was in fact a ringer for Jax, the main hero…


Having become a rather large fan of the TV series Sons of Anarchy, when I saw the Own the Wind was a biker romance, I quite simply couldn’t resist. I’ve never read anything by Kristen Ashley before, and my oh my have I missed out! Her writing is completely and utterly addictive, the type of writing bookaholics dream of, when you need more hours in the day just to fit in more reading in, because you just can’t get enough of it. Own the Wind is the first book in…




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