Resurrection by Amy Carol Reeves cover

*Contains spoilers for the previous books* Concluding the Ripper series, Resurrection by Amy Carol Reeves takes place immediately after the events of book two, leading in to the final hunt for the ruthless Max Bartlett. The hunt is on for the last member of the Conclave, as the grave robberies that began in book two are reaching new heights, with the dead being reanimated and launching attacks on Abbie, William and Simon. There is little chance for her to continue her hospital studies in such circumstances, with all focus set…

Renegade by Amy Carol Reeves cover

[color-box]Renegade by Amy Carol Reeves (Ripper #2) Flux Books (1 Apr 2013), Ebook: 360 pages, Paranormal YA Website • Series Listing • Amazon UK / US Rating: [/color-box] *Contains spoilers for the first book in the series* Following on from solving the historical Ripper case in book one, Renegade by Amy Carol Reeves picks up where heroine Arabella Sharp left off, on the pursuit of villainous Max whilst trying to return to her medical career. The book opens with Abby still carrying out her studies at Whitechapel Hospital, under the…

Soul Storm by Kate Harrison cover

[color-box]Soul Storm by Kate Harrison (Soul Beach #3) Indigo (1st Aug 2013), Paperback: 311 pages, Paranormal YA Website | Goodreads | Amazon UK / US Rating: [/color-box] Warning: May contain spoilers for other books in the series Forming the dramatic conclusion to the Soul Beach trilogy, Soul Storm by Kate Harrison reveals the identity of the killer with a glamorous flair, with twists you won’t expect. The close of the last book saw Alice Forster getting closer to solving the mystery of who murdered her sister, Meggie, with the help of website…

eternity cure

The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa (Blood of Eden #2) Mira Ink (May 2013) Paperback, 432 pages Paranormal YA At the end of The Immortal Rules, our lead protagonist Allison (Allie) managed to get her little human group to the safety of the only human city in existence, Eden. Of course Allie being a vampire couldn’t be permitted to stay and walked away from the only person she cared about Zeke, safe in the knowledge that he would be protected within the confines of Eden. The Eternity Cure is again written…

The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group by Catherine Jinks Quercus (Feb 2011) | Paperback, 397 pages Paranormal YA The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group by Catherine Jinks is a novel that aims to put a fresh twist on werewolf fantasy, taking place in Australia. Our story begins with Toby Vandevelde, a teenager who wakes up in hospital with no memory of what happened to him the night before. It seems that he was found naked in the dingo pen of the local wildlife park, which soon becomes a local news story. His mother is worried…

beautiful creatures

Beautiful Creatures by Garcia & Stohl (Caster Chronicles #1) Penguin Books (Feb 2010) Kindle Edition, 577 pages Paranormal YA BECS: With the movie being released shortly and a lot of hype surrounding Beautiful Creatures, for me this book was a must-read, as I have to finish the book before I can possibly watch the movie. A paranormal romance between a mortal and a witch set in America’s deep south, where voodoo reigns was enough to capture my interest. The writing grabbed my attention quickly and the build up felt like something…

Pack of Lies

Pack of Lies (Red Ridge Pack #1) by Sara Dailey and Staci Weber Borough Publishing Group (April 2012) Ebook, 233 pages | Paranormal YA The book begins with Allison, the main character, involved in what we are repeatedly told is the third fight of the school semester. From there, both the action and the book progress quickly: Allison and her brother are given the big revelation that they are werewolves, and they move back to the town their mother fled from when she was younger. They are introduced to the…


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