Stars of Fortune by Nora Roberts

Having read a crime novel by Nora Roberts before, I was unsure what to expect when I received a copy of her new fantasy series, Stars of Fortune. The book begins with Sasha Riggs, a dream seer whose visions predict the future or provide potentially vital warning signs. For the last few weeks she has been having recurring dreams of a group of six individuals (herself included) who each seem to be working together against a powerful force. She is an artist and paints her visions, keen to know exactly…

The Other Me by Saskia Sarginson

One look at the cover of The Other Me by Saskia Sarginson and you might be forgiven for thinking that this is a dark psychological thriller that follows the recent trend for mistaken identities. In fact, this book is so much more than that, exploring how everything you think you know about your life could come crashing down at any moment. Set mainly across the eighties and nineties, the book follows Klaudia Meyer, who later rebrands herself as Eliza Bennet when she discovers the freedom of university. The reason for…

Best Kind of Broken - Chelsea Fine

Best Kind of Broken is the first book in the Finding Fate trilogy, by new to me author, Chelsea Fine. Chelsea has written a fair few books but it was actually by mistake that I came across this book, and I’m glad I did! This is a new adult book, which is a little different from the regular contemporary romance that this author appears to write. It’s got a lot of steamy scenes, irresistible heartbreaking romance and a lot of angst. Now I gotta be honest, this story is not…

Masquerade by Joanna Taylor

Described as a Victorian Pretty Woman, Masquerade by Joanna Taylor caught my eye on NetGalley with the promise of turning a low-born prostitute into a lady. The book begins by introducing us to Elizabeth Ward, known as Lizzy to her friends, and her tiny lodgings in London’s Piccadilly. She shares her room with a fellow prostitute who learned her trade alongside Lizzy at Mrs Wilkes’, with both sharing the ambition of becoming a rich man’s courtesan and earning enough to keep her own lodging. Unlike the other working girls, Elizabeth…

Chained by Night - Larissa Ione

I am a massive fan of Larissa Ione, her Demonica series is one of my favourites! I just love the sexy demon world she created! When I found out she was publishing a new series, a vampire series, I admit I did pull constipation face LOL! I love vampires, don’t get me wrong, but for some reason I was hesitant. I read Bound by Night, the first book last Summer, and I had some issues with it. Me and Bound by Night didn’t hit it off, I was a little confused…

Redemption Road by Lisa Ballantyne

A novel that mixes past and present to uncover the truth about a woman’s childhood, Redemption Road by Lisa Ballantyne uses a mixture of perspectives to tell this thrilling story. The book begins in the present, with Margaret Holloway being involved in a car crash on the motorway. She is trapped in her car as it begins to smoke, and knows that it is moments away from catching fire with her still inside. Miraculously, she is saved by a grotesque stranger who manages to break her car window and pull…

Hero by Samantha Young

Put down whatever book you’re reading right now and pick up Hero by Samantha Young. I don’t make recommendations like this very often, but this is definitely one of the best romance novels I have ever read. The book begins with Alexa Holland’s return to work after the death of her mother, an event which has understandably left her very shaken. As an assistant to a celebrity photographer, Alexa is shocked to discover that her first shoot is for Caine Carraway, the CEO of Carraway Financial Holdings. Having recently discovered…


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