Widow's Web

WARNING: while this review keeps spoilers for Widow’s Web at a minimum… there are spoilers for earlier books in the series. She’s done it again. Jennifer Estep has managed to create an absolute masterpiece of Urban Fantasy, filled with action packed scenes, a good dollop of humour and topped off with a light dusting of romance.  All in all, the perfect recipe for an amazing read. Our lead throughout this series is Gin Blanco, assassin, elemental and chef extraordinaire. Up until she killed her arch enemy Mab Monroe a few…

Poison promise cover

This review does not contain spoilers for Poison Promise but may contain spoilers for earlier books in the series I’m going to get it out there straight away and say that I LOVE this series. I like nothing better than a kick ass heroine who is funny and protects those she loves, and boy, does Gin tick those boxes. Gin is back and better than ever in this 11th instalment of the Elemental Assassin series and I was so relieved that we also finally meet the mysterious M.M. Monroe after…


[color-box]The Better Part of Darkness by Kelly Gay (Charlie Madigan #1) Pocket Books (24 November 2009), Paperback: 416 pages, Urban Fantasy Website • Series Listing • Amazon UK / US Rating: [/color-box] Thirteen years ago, earth’s scientists discovered two new dimensions; the hellish Charbydon and the heavenly Elysia. The discovery triggered an influx of alien immigrants who brought with them all kinds of crime that earth’s police weren’t equipped to handle. Eventually, peace treaties were reached and the Integration Task Force was formed to police off-world crime. Charlie Madigan is a…


REVIEW: Trickster by Jeff Somers


Trickster by Jeff Somers Pocket Books (Feb 2013) | Ebook, 384 pages Urban Fantasy The story starts with Lem and his faithful, if not rather mentally challenged friend Mags enjoying all life that has to offer. Well, what it can offer a couple of con artists who only have $7 between them, no home and no belongings. There are basically the lowest rung of the magical ladder and have no intention of trying to climb higher. Lem, himself aptly describes their situation: We were fucking incompetent. In all things, we’d failed….

Wicked as They Come

Wicked as they Come by Delilah S. Dawson (Blud Series #1) Pocket Books (March 2012) Paperback, 394 pages Steampunk Romance Wicked as they Come is the first book in a new paranormal romance series by debut author Delilah S. Dawson. And I have to say that is one of the most refreshing reads I have read in a while. It opens with Tish at the house sale of a former patient of hers. She is somehow drawn to a silver locket with a red ruby. She accidently steals it and through…

Allison Pang - A Brush With Darkness

A Brush of Darkness (Abby Sinclair #1) by Allison Pang | Pocket Books (Jan 2011) Paperback, 343 pages | Urban Fantasy A Brush of Darkness is the debut novel by Allison Pang. I was lucky enough to receive a review copy (after adding it to my wishlist – mostly because of the awesome cover) and I’m happy to report it was a fun read. However, I did have a few issues… Although this is marketed as an urban fantasy, it’s a bit misleading in my opinion. This book is much more paranormal…

Christine Feehan - The Twilight Before Christmas

The Twilight Before Christmas (Drake Sisters #2) by Christine Feehan | Pocket Star (Nov 2003) Paperback: 284 pages | Paranormal Romance In probably the stupidest reason a person has ever had to read a book, I took the ‘Which Drake Sister Are You?’ quiz on Christine Feehan’s website and came up with the heroine of The Twilight Before Christmas (I got Hannah the second time, but anyway). So, thanks to that quiz, this was my introduction to the sweet, occasionally dark Drake Sisters series about a family of seven sisters with…


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