The Ophelia Prophecy by Sharon Lynn Fisher cover

The Ophelia Prophecy by Sharon Lynn Fisher sets up a new sci-fi world with a dystopian twist, as humanity has created artificial intelligence with its own conscious thought. The book begins with heroine Asha waking up with Pax and his sister Iris, although she cannot remember how she got there, or why they would want to take her onto their ship. Asha is from Sanctuary, one of the last remaining human colonies which is watched over by Manti forces. The Manti are an engineered race of humans with insect-like capabilities,…


REVIEW: Perdition by Ann Aguirre

Perdition - Ann Aguirre

Set in the world of Aguirre’s Sirantha Jax series, Perdition is a spaceship re-purposed as a maximum security prison to hold the Conglomerate’s most vicious criminals. Left to their own devices, the serial murderers and rapists ensconced there have formed a society where the most deadly rule. Six men and women have emerged as the most deadly of them all, seizing territory and men, and battling over limited resources. Among the fiercest is the Dread Queen, a.k.a Dresdemona Devos, leader of Queensland. She’s not above cutting some throats to protect…


Torrie Masters wants nothing more than to captain a ship in her family’s shipping business. It took years for her to convince her family that she was ready, and what happens? On her first run, she is hit by pirates and her cargo is stolen. Rather than return home with her tail between her legs and admit defeat, Torrie takes off on an adventure, determined to get her cargo back. Qaade is the captain of the notorious Ghost Riders, a mysterious group of pirates. He has good reason to steal Torrie’s cargo,…


Lacey Garrett is feeling very alone in the universe when her ex-fiance runs off with her savings, her business and most of her clients. She answers a question on a “geek” board and finds herself being beamed to another part of the universe into the arms of a very handsome alien named Zain. New Years Resolutions: #1 Control own destiny #2: Save Earth #3: Don’t fall for an alien Ok, so these are not exactly Lacey’s New Years Resolutions but they are pretty close. Her ex-fiance, Bob, ran out on…

Unraveled by C J Barry cover

Unraveled by C.J. Barry (UN-Forgettable #2) Carina Press (Oct 2011) Ebook, 343 pages Science Fiction Romance  The Majj are a group of scientists that isolate themselves from the rest of society. To prove themselves a worthy member of the group they must complete a charter by the time they are 30. Tru Van Dye is a member of the Majj and 29. She has one year to figure out her charter or lose the only home she has ever known. She finds a strange plate among her father’s things and…

Direct Contact Cover

Direct Contact is a quick intriguing read with a really interesting story. It’s set in a New World, Terecina, which is run by an Emperor who has a team of scientists managing a procreation program to raise him a very special wife. The Old World (our world), is underneath Terecina, and from descriptions in the early part of the book, it’s a bit of a wasteland and living there is hard, and made harder still by the fact the Emperor refuses to give aid to the remaining humans living there….


Unearthed by C. J. Barry (UN-Forgettable #1)  Carina Press (Oct 2011) Ebook, 302 pages Sci-Fi Romance Tess was having a lousy day, which got considerably worse as she stared down the barrel of a gun. Getting mugged was not what she had anticipated as she left her gig. Running into a gorgeous man and his…. robot? Zapped and kidnapped, feisty red headed Tess is taken to a spaceship to help an alien save his father. Only this alien doesn’t look like ET, he is a hunk with a secret. Once…




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