Gargoyle Addiction

Karla is not a happily ever after type of girl. She is more the light and casual type, seeing as how she is cursed to die before her 35th birthday. On her 24th birthday her best friend gives her the best gift in the world, to a readaholic, an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) of the newest book in her favorite series. Holy Cow! What a best friend! I need some friends like that (hint hint). My connection with Karla was instantaneous from the moment I read her thoughts about the…

Mystery Man - Kristen Ashley

If you’ve read many of reviews or weekly round ups over the last few months, you will know that whilst I am quite late to the party in discovering Kristen Ashley, but it didn’t take me long to become somewhat addicted. I first discovered her books on the hunt for a biker romance, so I ended up reading Own the Wind, a spin-off from this series first, which then led to Motorcycle Man the fourth book in this series first and then went and read the rest in series order….

Bitten - Anna Wolfe

Callie had been through a lot recently; her best friend was possessed by a demon and began killing people, including her brother; she then had to kill her best friend, and was subsequently blamed for all of the murders, and placed in an institution for the criminally insane. Oh, and before dying, the demon riding her friend’s body bit her, giving her some super crazy powers, and some very demonic urges. Like, you know, the urges kill people, and to feed off of pain and sex. Bitten took me off guard within the first…


SEPTEMBER’S BOOK CLUB READ Rock Chick is my seventh book by Kristen Ashley and as I only discovered her as an author in May this year, that’s quite some going. But in this time I have become a fast fan and intend to make my way through her back catalogue. Rock Chick is book number one in Ashley’s Rock Chick series and also the first series she wrote. Quite frankly, it is flipping hilarious! Indy is a rock chick. She’s a cop’s daughter, she owns a used bookstore with a…


Beautiful Bad Man tells the story of two children, Cal and Norah, who shared an experience that stayed with them forever. Cal has never forgotten what Norah did for him, and will always be indebted to ‘the Girl‘. Norah has always dreamed of what became of ‘the Boy’ after that fateful night. Many years later, Cal is working as a gun for hire, when the group of men he is working with are asked to scare a widow off her lands so that his employer might force her to sell. At first…


REVIEW: Outlaw by Nicole James


Outlaw by Nicole James Self-published (April 2013) Ebook, 416 pages Contemporary / Biker Romance Outlaw read like a piece of Sons of Anarchy (SOA) fan fiction than a novel in its own right. I have googled it to see if is, but haven’t been able to find anything to confirm, but if Ms James isn’t a big fan of the series then I will eat my hat! Let’s start with the main character Cole, described as: …blonde hair falling past his collar, golden facial hair growing along his jaw and…

Hell's Belle

Hell’s Belle by Karen Greco (Hell’s Belle #1) Self-Published (June 2013) Ebook, 357 pages Urban Fantasy Nina Martinez is half-human, half-vampire. She works for the Department of Defense in a secret part of the government called Blood Ops. When a crime goes down and the FBI can’t solve it, Blood Ops are called in and they find the real cause of it – the supernatural. Their job is to take down rogue creatures before it is too late. When mysterious murders occur that have been taking out cults of witches,…




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