A Winter Flame

A Winter Flame by Milly Johnson Simon & Schuster (Oct 2012) | Paperback, 404 pages Contemporary Romance | Chick Lit When I picked up A Winter Flame, I was hoping for a really warm, romantic Christmas read, especially after all the rave reviews I’d read when deciding whether to buy or not. Unfortunately  A Winter Flame wasn’t my cup of tea at all. Both leading characters were very irritating; Eve because she acted like a 12 year old towards Jacques instead of a grown women, and Jacques because he acted like a pompous…

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Every person and family has a collection of films that sum up this season. They may have some sort of personal message, or you could just relate to them. Whatever the reason, I wanted to share with you my top ten Christmas movies. These are usually put on in the background, while I wrap up my presents. 10. CHRISTMAS WITH THE KRANKS (2008) Another Tim Allen film, but this time a slightly more adult affair. What I love about this film is the light hearted way it deals with the…

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vampire for christmas

Vampire for Christmas by Felicity Heaton Dark Rose Publishing (Nov 2010) Kindle Edition, 78 Pages Paranormal Romance I have a thing for vampires and if a certain Bones or Edward came knocking on my door Christmas day, it would be the best day ever! With Vampire for Christmas I was expecting the same elation however, I must admit I was a little disappointed. Vampire for Christmas is written from the point of view of both the main protagonists Rafe and Shannon. Shannon is a demon hunter for an agency and her partner,…

Sweet Magik

Sweet Magik by Penny Watson (Klaus Brothers #2) Wild Rose Press (Nov 2011) Ebook, 302 pages Paranormal Romance Yes, that’s right.. this is an adult book and one of the main characters is the son of Santa! As I hadn’t read the first in this series I was rather dubious as to how this was going to pan out, but it actually worked quite well. Oskar Klaus is a snowboarding, green haired, heavily tattooed hunk that people tend to treat as eye candy and something of a playboy instead of taking…

Mistletoe Cowboy

Mistletoe Cowboy (Spikes & Spurs #5) by Carolyn Brown Sourcebooks Casablanca (Oct 2012) | Ebook, 352 pages Western Romance Carolyn (aka BCC), knowing my soft spot for sexy cowboys, asked me to read this as part of our SmeXmas event. One look at the cover and I was drooling like a kid with her nose pressed against the window outside a candy store. All the elements were for a really hot, sexy read. A hot stud of a cowboy and the firecracker granddaughter of the former owner, stuck in the cabin during…

All I Want for Christmas is You

All I Want for Christmas is You by Lisa Mondello (Fate with a Helping Hand #1) | Self-Published (Aug 2011) Kindle, 200 pages | Contemporary Romance All I Want for Christmas is You opens to a little girl Kristen sitting on Santa’s knee asking for a daddy for Christmas. This Santa is unlike any Santa you’ve ever met as he wants to help this little girl get a daddy. I want to meet a Santa like this, one who can make the impossible possible. Santa turns out to be Kyle, a single, young, good looking,…


No Mistletoe Required  by Jeanette Murray Carina Press (Nov 2012) | Ebook, 71 pages Contemporary Romance Here’s the thing, I love Christmas, I love romance and I’m not adverse to a nice dose of cheese. No Mistletoe Required has all three in spades. It’s a light, quick Christmas read, but at the same time it does have a slightly sad undertone. Our hero and heroine are in charge of setting up a grotto for sick children in hospital when they meet. But, Dan our hero suffered a terrible tragedy at…


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