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*Warning: Contains spoilers for previous books in the series* Everyone’s favourite goblin queen is back in Long Live the Queen by Kate Locke, the third and final book in The Immortal Empire series. After the harrowing and bloodthirsty conclusion to book two, Xandra Vardan is hoping that she can finally settle down into life as the goblin queen of England, making a life with her werewolf partner, Vex. However, things never go to plan where Xandra is concerned, with her world being turned upside down when Vex is attacked by…

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Warning: may contain spoilers for Agamemnon Frost #1 and #2 Agamemnon Frost and the Crown of Towers, is the third and final instalment in this trilogy, so fair warning this review will inevitably contain spoilers for Hollow Ships and House of Death. Crown of Towers picks up almost immediately after the action of Hollow ships and the impending Martian invasion. The action is based around the final Martian push to take Earth. As converted automata, Frost and Mason are the first and best line of defence. Mason, oh Mason, I alternated…

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Possible spoilers for book one Agamemnon Frost and the Hollow Ships by Kim Knox is the second episode in this Steampunk series. It follows on directly from the events of House of Death, so I would recommend that the books are read in order. Also this review will be a spoiler for The House of Death so bookmark here for later if you haven’t read it yet. Mason and Frost are offered little respite at Station X. After Sir Randolph’s body-death, Pandarus, the Martian leader on earth, has changed host…

Heart of Brass

AUGUST’S BOOK CLUB READ [color-box]Heart of Brass by Kate Cross (The Clockwork Agents #1) Signet Eclipse (1st May 2012), Paperback: 371 pages, Steampunk Romance Website • Series Listing • Amazon UK / US Rating: [/color-box] Heart of Brass has been sitting on my TBR pile for over a year, so when I was asked which book I wanted to pick for the Book Club Read, I decided it was time to pull it out and give it a go. As I closed the book, I felt that rare feeling of…

Clockwork Mafia

[color-box]Clockwork Mafia by Seleste Delaney (Badlands #2) Carina Press (April 2013), Ebook: 163 pages, Steampunk Romance Website • Series Listing • Amazon UK | US Rating: [/color-box] All Henrietta Mason wants is to retire from adventures and go home to Philadelphia. A charity gala finds her dancing with US Marshall Carson Alexander. His career is on the line as he tries to prove Senator Mason has ties to the mafia. What he did not expect was to find was the Senator’s daughter. Clockwork Mafia is the second in the Badlands series. At first, I was excited to…

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Agamemnon Frost and the House of Death is a Steampunk M/M adventure romance by Kim Knox. The narrative is written in the third person but allies itself to the viewpoint of Mason, an ex-army man who had fought in Afghanistan. After being pensioned out of the army, Mason has fallen on hard-times and has entered into service (working as a servant in a big house like Downton Abbey). Times are tough and he finds himself having to take a one night engagement as a valet for Agamemnon Frost, who is…


Badlands by Seleste Delaney (Badlands #1) Carina Press (Feb 2011) Ebook, 101 pages Steampunk Romance Ever is a warrior woman of the Badlands. She is sworn to defend her Queen but when the Queen is killed, she must travel to find the heir to the throne. She finds herself traveling on the dirigible of Captain Spencer Pierce. All Spencer wants is to make enough money to pay off his ship and make a life for himself and his crew trading along the border but if the Badlands fall, his future…







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