Legion by William Peter Blatty

Having not read The Exorcist, I didn’t really have any expectations when starting Legion by William Peter Blatty. Instead, I was slightly confused when the opening of this book delves into a philosophical rambling from the main protagonist, Lieutenant Kinderman. He is preoccupied with life’s big questions, which somewhat detracts from the main event of the book as the body of a young boy is discovered. This boy was carrying out his morning paper round when he was killed at a boathouse and is found in a crucified position. However,…


REVIEW: Tarnished by Rhiannon Held

Tarnished by Rhiannon Held

*Warning: May contain spoilers for the first book in the series* Despite werewolf fiction not being one of my favourite genres, I couldn’t wait to read the second instalment to the Silver series, Tarnished by Rhiannon Held. The close of the last book saw Andrew Dare and his mate, Silver, without a pack to call home, forcing them to wander in the hopes of finding somewhere safe to stay. Still recovering from his injuries, Andrew is biding his time before making a challenge for the title of Roanoke, aiming to…


REVIEW: Endurance by Jay Lake

Endurance by Jay Lake

*Warning: Contains spoilers for book one* Hoping for some much need improvement from the first book, I decided to persevere and read Endurance by Jay Lake, the second in the Green series. The book begins with Green residing in the mountains with Ilona and her daughter, minor characters who were introduced briefly in book one. In her pregnant state, Green has been hoping to live a quiet life until the birth of her baby, leaving the people of Copper Downs to sort out their own affairs after the introduction of…


REVIEW: Green by Jay Lake

Green by Jay Lake

In the beginning of a new fantasy series, Green by Jay Lake takes a girl out of poverty and turns her into a feisty assassin. The novel begins in retrospect, with Green reflecting on her sale to the merchant, Federo, and her journey to the Pomegranate Court in Copper Downs. This is her earliest memory, being unable to remember anything about her homeland apart from her father, grandmother and their ox, Endurance. She cannot even remember the name she was given, as Federo merely calls her ‘Girl’, and she is…

The Time Roads by Beth Bernobich

In a novel that takes science and mathematics and turns them into time travel, The Time Roads by Beth Bernobich plays with past and future to transform the present. The novel begins with the ascendance of Áire Devereaux to the throne of Éire, one of the most powerful empires in the world. As the new queen, she has to deal with the threat of violence from opposing nations, with the Anglian question proving to be the most difficult. Corruption is rife in her court and she is unsure who to…


REVIEW: The Godless by Ben Peek

The Godless by Ben Peek cover

The first in a new fantasy series, The Godless by Ben Peek is an action-packed tale of rival nations in a battle over the territory of a buried God. The book begins with cartographer’s apprentice, Ayae, in the city of Mireea, where she lives a content life with her partner, Illaan. Mireea is built atop the burial ground of the god, Ger, who many believe to be dormant rather than dead, waiting for the time to rise once more. As a result, the ground is believed to be infused with…


REVIEW: Black Ice by Susan Krinard

Black Ice by Susan Krinard cover

Despite the first instalment not having grabbed my attention as I hoped, I decided to take a chance and pick up the second book in the Midgard series by Susan Krinard, Black Ice. Set in the streets of San Francisco, Valkyrie Mist and her crew are back on the hunt for the relics of the gods, having already secured three of them. Her nemesis, Loki, the trickster god, is still at large and threatens to take over Midgard (Earth) if he can reach the relics first. With Mist’s crew growing…


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