Menagerie by Rachel Vincent

A brand new series about all the fun of the fair, Menagerie by Rachel Vincent puts an urban fantasy twist on the travelling carnival. I originally downloaded this book from NetGalley as I loved the description and hadn’t read anything by Vincent before, so this was a great place to start. The plot begins with Delilah Marlow’s birthday and an ensuing trip to Metzger’s Menagerie, a travelling show which promises to both delight and frighten its audience with the promise of cryptids. Cryptids are basically anything non-human in the context…

Otherworld Night - Kelley Armstrong

Otherworld Nights is the first of three anthologies that are set in Kelley Armstrong’s epic, Women of the Otherworld series! Yes, you did hear right. This is the first of three, and each book has been packed with novellas that feature some of our favourite characters. I am huge fan of novellas, I think they add something extra within a big series of books. These long stories are a way for us to get back to our favourites, such as Elena and Clay and will allow the reader to explore…

Day Shift by Charlaine Harris

After downloading and enjoying the first book in the Midnight, Texas series, I knew I had to get straight onto NetGalley and acquire the next instalment, Day Shift by Charlaine Harris. This time around, the residents of the sleepy Dallas town of Midnight find their lives disturbed by the renovation of an old hotel. The hotel has been in disrepair for years, but now a property company has decided to renovate it and make it open to the public once more. This poses a great risk to the privacy of…

Midnight Crossroad

Surprisingly, I have never read anything by Charlaine Harris before, so I was keen to read the first in her new series, Midnight Crossroad. The series is about the sleepy little town of Midnight, Texas, the kind of place where you might stop to refuel, but not really pay any attention to. There is little passing trade, and the residents all seem to have their own reasons for moving in to such a place. As such, the first chapter takes us on a whistle-stop tour of the town, introducing us…

Dark Vision by Debbie Johnson

A new urban fantasy novel with hints of new adult, Dark Vision by Debbie Johnson takes one girl’s life and turns it completely upside down. Lily McCain has never been ordinary, as she has a strange paranormal gift that allows her to see someone’s future when they come into skin-to-skin contact. The visions she sees are rarely pleasant and are most often about death, as she sees people dying of cancer or in accidents that she can’t prevent. As a result, she has isolated herself from the world and resorts…

Widow's Web

WARNING: while this review keeps spoilers for Widow’s Web at a minimum… there are spoilers for earlier books in the series. She’s done it again. Jennifer Estep has managed to create an absolute masterpiece of Urban Fantasy, filled with action packed scenes, a good dollop of humour and topped off with a light dusting of romance.  All in all, the perfect recipe for an amazing read. Our lead throughout this series is Gin Blanco, assassin, elemental and chef extraordinaire. Up until she killed her arch enemy Mab Monroe a few…


REVIEW: Tarnished by Rhiannon Held

Tarnished by Rhiannon Held

*Warning: May contain spoilers for the first book in the series* Despite werewolf fiction not being one of my favourite genres, I couldn’t wait to read the second instalment to the Silver series, Tarnished by Rhiannon Held. The close of the last book saw Andrew Dare and his mate, Silver, without a pack to call home, forcing them to wander in the hopes of finding somewhere safe to stay. Still recovering from his injuries, Andrew is biding his time before making a challenge for the title of Roanoke, aiming to…


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